Don’t Wanna Close My Eyes

If you’ve ever been curious about science education in the Midwest, you only need to look to Northwest Jr High in Coralville, IA. When I was in Mr Lewis’ 7th grade Earth Science class, in the last week before winter break, they took every science class every period to the auditorium. Every day, they handed […]

All For One

It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that I love two things more than anything: Space Jam and Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams was the go to guy for most early 90s soundtracks, and this week I’ll be exploring one of those movies. I think it’s been more fun lately to break down individual parts of […]

Air Bud

Way back in January, I was building towards releasing this blog by writing three to five paragraph mini posts. I covered topics like Taylor Swift, Hercules, and Superman; but one of my best received posts of that period was about Air Bud. It was a quick little piece siding with the boys of Fernfield School […]

Forever Red

Anyone who has seen my act knows I have a special place in my heart for the Power Rangers. I wrote my first Power Ranger joke ever when I found out Jason David Frank (Tommy, the original Green Ranger) started doing MMA fighting. Over the years I’ve written more jokes, and also watched plenty of […]

Zero To Hero

I’ve never heard someone actually use the phrase “never meet your heroes” except in pop culture when someone says “they say never meet your heroes.” But no matter who said it first, it’s true in this moment. As long as you interpret the phrase to also mean “don’t watch movies about heroes that you liked […]

Wherever You Are

This week I decided to discuss “Romeo and Juliet 2: I’m On A Boat.” Some alternative names are “Jack and Rose Aren’t Really In Love,” or “This Movie Beat Good Will Hunting For Best Picture And That Is Stupid.” Yeah, I’m talking about Titanic. It took me so much whiskey to make this movie bearable, […]

I Drive Myself Crazy

It’s true. I think I might have made a mistake this week. I’ve fully accepted that I destroy the things I love, but this was a big one. I spent a few hours researching this topic, and I’m pretty sure I upset my neighbors in addition to ruining something that I love. This week, I’ll […]