Best Of Both Worlds

I’ve always liked Van Halen. I can’t call myself a fan, because I don’t follow them, and I certainly don’t love everything they do. I obviously preferred David Lee Roth to Sammy Hagar, he was always much more fun. But one thing that David and Sammy allowed Van Halen to do was create a double […]

Even Deeper Under The Sea

I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding politics with this blog, but I stumbled across something that I can’t ignore. So for the first time ever, Trigger Warning: Nationalism I’ve discussed before the fact that King Triton is an abusive father. He yells at Ariel, delivers ultimatums, doesn’t listen to her, and violently destroys […]

Strike First

Ever since I was a child, it has been impressed upon me that martial arts are less about fighting and more about discipline, honor, and finding one’s center. I never fully understood where the combat came into play, but I understood that it is supposed to be a defensive based art form. It’s something I […]

Elephant In The Room

Let’s just get this out of the way: Dumbo is a bad movie. It was made in 1941 in an attempt by Walt Disney to cut his losses after Fantasia flopped, because Americans in the early 40s were stupid and awful and I don’t care if it was the Great Depression, Fantasia was amazing. Clocking […]

Fievel Goes West

The best sequels function not only as a follow up to an adventure started elsewhere, but also function as their own story. There are some excellent examples of this, movies that shine as sequels and movies in their own right: The Dark Knight, The Godfather 2, and D2: The Mighty Ducks. There are also failures, […]

Diary of a Killer: Noah Calhoun

Before I start, I’ll admit to some bias here. I’ve disliked Nicholas Sparks ever since 2008 when I was in the Army dating a girl long distance, and she chose to let me know t was over by suggesting I read “Dear John.” When she sent it to me, I called her and she said […]

Dance Magic Dance

I’m going to make my 16 year old emo self very unhappy with this one. If you didn’t know me in high school, I’m pretty jealous of you. You got to miss out on the black leather trench coat, the various hair colors, the red and blue tinted sunglasses, and all of the various dumb […]