Stick The Landing

So far, I’ve mostly talked about crime bosses, thieves, gangsters, that sort of thing. I’ve left out the truly hardcore villains, because their mistakes are an entirely different bred. Let’s talk about supervillains today. The main problem supervillains have is that they don’t know how to stick the landing. They’re great at the first part, […]

Supervillain Class: Recruitment

Alright gang, we’re almost ready to talk about committing an actual crime, doing an actual job. First thought, we have to talk about henchmen. Now, we’ve already covered some of this when discussing uniforms, but we have to recap a little of that for a moment. I understand the importance of branding, but unless you’re […]

Supervillain Class part 2

In our continuing coverage of stupid things supervillains do, we haven’t even made it to the job yet. We’re still in the buildup phase, and aspiring supervillains need to quit being stupid. Today we’re going to talk about hideout locations and minion costumes. Seriously you guys. You’re criminal masterminds, you need to do better. First […]

Supervillain Class

Welcome back! It’s been a long hiatus while I focused on my book and the bar blog. I’m still doing the bar blog, but I wanted to bring this back because it’s fun and I miss it. I’m going to alternate weeks, so this will be every other week (since that’s what alternating means), and […]

Pumpking Coup

Welcome to the Halloween special! Still on hiatus, but couldn’t miss this. I’ve tried to keep politics generally out of this blog. There have been a few moments where I stumbled, like comparing him to Scar or saying King Triton wanted to Make Atlantica Great Again. But until now, I’ve never overtly called for the […]

The Rescuers

Before I start, I want to get something out of the way. After 9 months of putting this blog out weekly, I think it’s time for a bit of a break. I want to spend some time focusing on my book and getting my other weekly blog off the ground. I’ll definitely be back to […]


Nicholas Cage doesn’t do anything small. He’s what kids these days call “extra.” Or “100.” I don’t know, I’m not cool anymore, if I ever was. I’m at the point where if a teenager sees me doing something, it automatically becomes uncool. That’s why I drink so much, I’m trying to make as many young […]